Sunday night with Juliette. From Bohuslav Martinů, not Marquis de Sade. The hero Michel, who makes his living by selling books, lives imprisoned in the dream-world. Sounds familiar. Performed by National Theater Brno. Surrealistic, dramatic and haunting experience. In 2009 we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the composer’s death.

„As a Czech I am in a practical sense a man without a country. It is one of few blessings left in life to find at least one place in the world where freedom exists for the artist and his art to survive. I cannot tell you what it means to have the privilege of being here in America with you.“

„There seems to be three (major influences on my work). First, I would say the national music of my own country, Czechoslovakia. The second comes from the English madrigal and third from Debussy.“

Read more about Martinů on the website in English.

bohuslav martinu juliette

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