Bratislava was „nightmare“ for DM

When looking for the new Depeche Mode video for the single Peace (starring the young Romanian actress Maria Dinulescu), I found the official tour blog of the band. There is a shocking report on the performance at the Inter Stadium in Bratislava.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time, when the international artists complain about the unprofessionalism of the Slovak promoters. What a shame in the country, where DM has such a faithful and devoted fan base! Just compare with what was written about the next two gigs in Budapest and Prague. Actually, only the crowd in my hometown was highly praised by the band, everything else went just WRONG!

It is also another evidence, that the capital of Slovak Republic in the year 2009 still doesn’t have really good venues or arenas for the cultural events and is losing the few left due to chaotic urbanistic development (PKO, Football Stadium and so on).

Quoting Depeche Mode blog: „Bratislava was a bit of a nightmare to be honest. The venue was awful, the weather was awful, and the local stage hadn’t been built to the band’s specifications resulting in a stressed out atmosphere the whole day and all sorts of technical problems.

A leaky „roof“ on the side of the stage gave way to the massive amounts of water, and soaked a mixer, killed about 10 channels of audio, and left show opener MOTOR on stage playing with no audio on or off stage for a bit. Depeche Mode had to ditch the video sphere because the stage that had been provided wouldn’t hold the weight of the entire rig.

But it was a good show – the crowd was on fire despite being soaked!! Absolutely mental.“

Depeche Mode v ČSSR nepotrebovali reklamu

Picture 2

Foto: Ivana Dvorská

3 Gedanken zu “Bratislava was „nightmare“ for DM

  1. Just only notify you. The „official“ blog from the tour writing DM fan only. It is not official statement of the band or tour management. Tree guys get chance spent a few gigs with DM on the European roads and made these blog entries.

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