On the Danube

Since Friday July 24th 2009 I am on the tour again: from Bratislava to the Danube Delta. On the ship, by car and on foot – I will be researching for the new novel I am currently writing.

If you don’t hear from me much these days, I’m not being rude, just hiding away to work.

Couple of days ago I discovered another great Danube photo. This one was shot by the famous Czech photographer Josef Koudelka in the year 1994 in Romania. The broken statue of Lenin takes its last voyage on a barge. Location: shooting of the film Ulysse’s Gaze, directed by Theo Angelopoulos.

josef koudelka danube
Check also the Danube photos by Inge Morath

4 Gedanken zu “On the Danube

  1. prosim, a kde sa da ten claudio magris zohnat? myslim, ze to vyslo kedysi aj v cestine, ale nikto to nepozna, nikto o tom nepocul… zhanam ju uz asi dva roky.

  2. česky vyšiel Magrisov Dunaj roku 1992 v Odeone. v nemčine je dostupný paperback z vydavatelstva DTV. želám príjemné a inšpiratívne čítanie!

  3. Lenin stay dismanteled on his back, tied in this barge floating on the river and show at horizon with his finger. Is like the statue tell in what direction it want to be placed, maybe Havana?

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