Tropen: Cool New Design

My German publisher Tropen, division of Klett-Cotta, starts the year 2010 with the re-design. The spring program comes with the reinterpretation of the catalogue, the book covers and with the innovative typography.

The results prove there’s life yet in print media and it lies with the independents. Book lovers can celebrate. The three fresh Tropen novels by Roger Smith, Hallgrímur Helgason and Jörg-Uwe Albig are the treasures to hold.

The new design comes from the famous and award-winning studio Herburg Wieland in Munich, Germany, founded in 2000 by Tom Ising, Martin Fengel and Judith Grubinger. Thanks to geography, they’re not tainted with the ennui of the Berlin scene, and continue to explore the edge of the fringe with enthusiasm.

They redesigned the weekend supplement of the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, took over the art direction of the magazine DER FREUND and were responsible for the cover and typesetting of the latest book by bestselling Christian Kracht. When DODGE automobiles decided to enter the German market they asked them to create a lavishly illustrated book.

The Tropen edition could bring just another red dot award for Herburg Wieland, who „don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents“:)

In 2006 Michael Zöllner, the founder of Tropen, was awarded with Zillmer Prize for special merits in publishing, for consistently and successfully pursuing its goal „to arouse curiosity in undiscovered authors or lesser known works of established authors“.

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