Out of Gold and Fire

Art in Slovakia at the end of the Middle Ages for the first time in Musée de Cluny, musée national du Moyen Age in Paris. The exhibition Out of Gold and Fire brings together more than sixty sculptures, paintings, illuminations and goldsmithing: treasures of the national heritage which represent what was one of the great European artistic centres at the end of the Middle Ages. The objects are on loan from museums and, for the first time and quite exceptionally, from Slovakian religious establishments.

In the 15th century, Slovakia was a province of the Kingdom of Hungary, part of the powerful Habsburg Empire. It enjoyed unprecedented prosperity, linked to the rapid development of trading establishments and of precious metal mining. Under pressure from the Ottoman Empire to the east of the kingdom of Hungary, the seat of power moved to Pressburg, now Bratislava, and the town became the capital and the place of royal coronations. Thanks to the favourable economic and political situation, art in Slovakia reached its historical zenith, with the production of original creative works of outstanding quality.

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