I spent one great November day in Olbia, Sardinia, with two public readings. „Our students are horrible! Please be very patient with them! They are not like in your country or in Germany!“ the teachers at high school warned me. But the kids were really smart, very fashionable and fun! I was the only foreigner in the empty town, the sky was crisp blue and the scenery fabulous. I had the plazas almost for myself, cappuccinos were sipped and Vespas parked. Who said romance was dead?:) Grazie tanto, dear Mary Addari, for the picture.

Ein Gedanke zu “Olbia

  1. Michal Hvorecky non solo è uno scrittore bravissimo, ma anche il fascino coinvolgente del grande comunicatore.
    Aspettiamo il tuo prossimo libro. Ad Olbia of course!

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