Author of the Month

You spent three years with Eva Hudecová and Mark Lencho translating ‘Danube in America’. How did that process work and what you have learned from the undertaking?

Well, to put it right, two of them were translating, I was just occasionally commenting and answering their questions.  They did an awesome job. I deeply appreciate their work and passion for it. I love translating, and that’s why I also understand how difficult and demanding the job is. They both have a deep respect for my original text and a deep love of their language of origin, and always managed to find an equivalent. Through this translation, my language was enriched, and my world as well. And I had a chance to meet two wonderful people. They are my underpaid and unsung heroes.

Michal Hvorecky talks to The Missign Slate about working with translators, writing and working in Bratislava.