The Whirlpool

I bought the ticket to Krútňava, or The Whirlpool, opera by Eugen Suchoň, probably the most famous piece of opera music by Slovak composer.

The Whirlpool was composed between 1941 and 1949 and produced in the latter year. It has had an eventful history and in the 1950s was even modified to accommodate the political demands of the communists. It has been staged with considerable success at all the opera venues in Czechoslovakia and abroad, in the Eastearn bloc mostly, of course, including Budapest, Moscow, Berlin, Leipzig, but also Antwerp.

I will see and hear the production by the theater director Roman Polák at the Slovak National Theatre. The Whirlpool is set after the World War I in a small upland hamlet. The story is that of a young man driven by jealousy to commit murder. It is considered to be the national opera with folk dances and customs and intimations of folk song; but it should also a riveting and psychologically well-worked drama based on the novelette by Milo Urban.