Kafka vs Mills&Boon

I ran a two-day writing course for teachers at a Slovak university in the Vrátna Valley in September 2010. By January 2011 I was still waiting to receive my €216 fee (including travel costs and the per diem).

Since the workshop was funded by the European Union, I had to sign three forms on the spot. I thought that had taken care of the bureaucracy and was looking forward to future cooperation.


We apologize

We apologize, new sign, written shortly before Christmas 2010, on the 150-metre-long wall separating Roma from the rest of the village Ostrovany in the eastern Slovakia. Thanks to the unknown author, he/she wrote it also in my name.

More then two meters high concrete wall was built with €13,000 of public funds. There are more than 600 Roma settlements in Slovakia where people live without electricity, sewage or running water.

Out of Gold and Fire

Art in Slovakia at the end of the Middle Ages for the first time in Musée de Cluny, musée national du Moyen Age in Paris. The exhibition Out of Gold and Fire brings together more than sixty sculptures, paintings, illuminations and goldsmithing: treasures of the national heritage which represent what was one of the great European artistic centres at the end of the Middle Ages. The objects are on loan from museums and, for the first time and quite exceptionally, from Slovakian religious establishments.


A Small Country Joins the Big Game

Over the past few years I have often found it embarrassing to say I hailed from Slovakia. Long gone was the charm offensive my country had launched at the start of the new century.

Slovakia, in 2005 regarded as the “Central European tiger” due to its strong economic performance, has since followed Hungary on the path to extreme debt and state bankruptcy. Corruption scandals have claimed the resignation of a dozen government ministers.

Julia Sherwod translated my essay from the F.A.Z. for Salon. Read it here.

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Božena Riot

This is the most disgusting Božena I have ever seen. Her family name is Riot. Comes equipped with loopholes which can be used for direct fire of rubber or gum projectiles. Can be optionally equipped with the candle/smoke shells gun. My country was always excellent in „controlling civil demonstrations and risk social events.“ Read more at Bozena.eu.