Neighbours Without Qualities

As someone born in 1976 I belong to the generation of Gustáv Husák’s [Communist Party Chief and later President of Czechoslovakia] children, of whom around a million were born within a single decade. It was hard to imagine a greater contrast than that between these baby boomers and the aging leadership. Vasiľ Biľak, one of the Communist hardliners who had invited in the Russian tanks in 1968, was born in 1917, President Husák in 1913. The Soviet Politburo was also extremely elderly and were the butt of jokes about which politician would be the first to die.

My long-term platonic love affair with Austria, Vienna in particular, began when I was still a boy. Every Friday many families in Bratislava would buy the Austrian daily Volksstimme. On this day the Austrian Communist Party’s official mouthpiece included the weekly programme of Austrian TV which was unavailable elsewhere in Czechoslovakia.


Wilsonic: number 2 in the world

According to Resident Advisor, the Wilsonic music festival (the event I co-founded in 2000) became number 2 in the list of Top 10 June Festivals. My dear friend, great DJ and music evangelist Tibor Holoda and his team make the event harder, better, faster, stronger every year. RA picked the festival highlights from across the globe:

„Boasting a newly constructed beach location close to the Danube river bank in Bratislava, the ninth annual Wilsonic Festival will once again pit the cream of the world’s live electronica against a pool of fresh eastern European talent. The event begins in earnest on the Thursday as a selection of the young Hungarian bands will take to stage, offering attendees a chance to scope out the site, free of charge. The subsequent two days will feature a nicely assorted troop of live acts, with Moderat, Junior Boys, Noze, Rustie and Hudson Mohawke catching the eye on an altogether pleasing bill. It will be interesting to see what an Eastern Europe crowd makes of Hudson Mohawke’s twisted mind.“

My personal recommendation: Join the MS Admiral Tegetthoff and enjoy the party cruise with DJs on board from Vienna to the Partyslava pier only a 3-minute walk from the Wilsonic festival. For the real Twin City feeling!